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Cheap Call to Australia from US, Prepaid Calling Cards from Australia to USA

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Our Long Distance Calling Cards Shop offers you a unique money saving opportunity!

  1. Choose the countries you want to call
  2. Choose the calling plan that suits you best
  3. And start calling worldwide immediately
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Australia Calling Cards USA Calling Cards

Australia Phone Cards

Call USA from Australia or call US from Sydney with our cheap prepaid phone cards. You receive best rates for all domestic and international calls from the USA or from Australia...

Australia Calling Cards - Rechargeable and Prepaid Cards

You simply pay for the calling time in advance and reduce the prepaid balance as you make calls. To make a call you dial Toll Free Access Number, enter your PIN number and dial the phone number you wish to call.

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Prepaid Phone Cards to Australia from US, Calling Cards from Australia to USA
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